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FrogTape Glass and Satin Orange 36mm (1.5

FrogTape Glass and Satin Orange 36mm (1.5") x 41.1m

- FrogTape For Gloss Satin.- For use with Gloss and Satin paints.- Recommended for use when painting..


FrogTape Multi-Surface Green 24mm (1

FrogTape Multi-Surface Green 24mm (1") x 41.1m

PaintBlock Technology, which forms a micro-barrier that seals the edges of the tape, to prevent pain..


FrogTape Multi-Surface Green 36mm (1.5

FrogTape Multi-Surface Green 36mm (1.5") x 41.1m

FrogTape Green is a medium adhesion painters tape designed for use on:- Cured painted walls. (Dried ..


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